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  ◆ 2000      July                  Founded in Shenzhen Science and Technology Park

  ◆ 2001      May                   Establish ISO17025 management system, EMC laboratory TUV Rheinland to obtain authorization

  ◆ 2002      August                Ma Long Industrial Zone, Nanshan District, moved to 69
               October               Set up a Safety Lab, Safety Lab obtain UL, TUV authorized             

  ◆ 2003      May                   Get FCC approval
               June                  Obtain IC, NEMKO approved

  ◆ 2004      October               Obtain ISO17025 quality system accreditation
               November              TIMCO obtain approval

  ◆ 2005      September             CNAL national laboratory accreditation to obtain accreditation
                                     EMTEK laboratory opened in Dongguan

  ◆ 2006       March                EMTEK RoHS laboratory built in Dongguan
                May                  Obtain ITS, Telefication recognition
                August               EMCC obtain approval                  

  ◆ 2007       May                  Obtain CSA approval
                July                 Access to China National Accreditation Board for Laboratories CNAS accreditation

  ◆ 2008       March                Received "Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprise"
                December             Get CEC approval, Dongguan obtain U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC                                                  laboratory accreditation, access to the American Toy Association recognized TSCP           


  ◆ 2009       March                CPSC obtained approval
                April                Obtain TUV-SUD approval             
                November             Obtain approval TSCP

  ◆ 2010       June                 Ningbo laboratory was established
                July                 Become a global strategic partner laboratories and testing subcontractors
                November             Become a global strategic partnership with ITS subcontractor laboratory detection


  ◆ 2011       December             Shenzhen expansion physicochemical, batteries, environmental reliability testing and                                            other projects completed
                                     Letter measurement standards laboratory to become UL Demko of CBTL


  ◆ 2012       February             Dongguan light biosafety laboratory expansion completed  
                March                Laboratory was established in Xiamen
                November             Obtain UL CAP accredited test
                December             "National High-Tech Enterprise"                                                   


  ◆ 2013       February              Obtain accreditation Quality and Technical Supervision (CMA)
                March                 Solar photovoltaic laboratory established
                July                  Dongguan company "National Hi-tech Enterprise"                                                   


  ◆ 2014       April                 Suzhou company was founded, have established the South, East regional offices
                June                  U.S. Telecom Test set up

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