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one stop to the world

As the globalization trend in economic development, the international trading is more and more important to each country. All corporations are looking for oversea marketing opportunities. On the other side, with the social development, the quality safety has been becoming the first-considering factor to all customers. The international quality requirement in Safety, EMC, energy-saving, and the environmental protection is more and more strict. In this case, the business development of each corporation is increasingly directed by product quality and social responsibility. On the other side, even a simple product, may need multiple certificates related to Safety, EMC, physical & chemical, and get access permission to different countries. This evolution significantly affected our development, to improve testing instruments, service means and speed, and meet the complicated testing requirements by our clients. One-step service for inspection and certification has therefore been created. With multiple testing capabilities, this service method can help customers much in time saving. Instead sending your product samples to different places and agencies, it could be tested at the manufacturing end, until it meets all quality standards in different markets. You do not need to consider the difference between each market. After test, all certificates to guarantee the access to the world wide markets of your products can be issued.

Since 2000, Emtek is insisting on the service idea of” Access to the World”, committed to provide different certification services to our clients. The hardware and software construction, enables us multiple testing capability in many filed of EMC, Safety, Physical and Chemical. Now we totally have three main branches located close to the major consumable products manufacturing bases in Yangtze River Delta Region and Pearl River Delta Region. With accreditation by CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment ), recognized by most international quality agencies, and long-term cooperation with other third party institutions in Europe and North America, now Emtek can provide overall certification and inspection test for most consumable products, and technology support for the enterprise to gain the quality permission smoothly.

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